Tribute to Cops Killed in the Line of Duty

By Jiwaka Students & Graduates Association Inc. (Decicated to MS06)

Duty calls for two police officers with their team members of the Mobile Squad 6 of Mt Hagen taking them out of their traditionally designated areas of Tambul area in the Western Highlands Province to provide security for the 2017 elections in Enga province.

Obedience to the call, constables Glenn Jimmy and Alex Kopa with team served in Enga for weeks until fate met them both on the morning of Saturday, July 22, 2017 at the front gate of My Kids Inn, Sangurap Residential area in Wabag, Enga Province. A new day, they were up, prepared to tackle the struggles of the day including the heat, the crowd controlling, the close attention and monitoring of the counting area and officials and many more.

Walking out of their camp that morning, Jimmy, Kopa and their colleague Constable Mathew Kassap were met with spraying bullets from high powered M16 riffles from fellow Papua New Guineans who did not even care. What a sad day for the Mt Hagen’s MS 6 and the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary. The two gunmen were gunned down as well after fellow MS 6 members quickly reacted to the situation. Unfortunately, when rushed to Wabag emergency unit for initial treatment before medevaced to Port Moresby, Jimmy and Kopa died leaving Kasap fighting for his life in a hospital in Port Moresby.

This highlights first ever deaths of police officers in a PNG election which comes after a number of candidates for the Kandep seat had held peaceful protests, complaining that the local returning officer Ben Besawe had opted not to count at least 14 ballot boxes which he had hither to set aside. This was despite a directive from PNG’s Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato, that the boxes should be included in the count.

Alex Kopa is from Simbu province and Jimmy hails from Aviamp area, Anglimp South Waghi District in the Jiwaka province. He is from the Tongai Tribe, Menspi Clan and small village of Panjin. Being the first born of three siblings and hope for the family, late Jimmy is a Christian, a person of recommendable character to those who know him, a leader and God-fearing man. He was the TSCF president of Goroka Technical College in 2013-2014 prior to joining the PNG Royal Constabulary and was an outstanding young man who had lifted the flag of RPNG through his profession. After GTC, he joined RPNGC in the 2nd batch of 2014 intake. He is married with a kid.; unfortunately his life was shortened in this tragedy.

Jimmy, whose Facebook name is Orpal Gepinz Kang showed true patriotism in what he does when he made his final post on Facebook and we quote:

“Being a cop it’s not a mistake, no matter what I will always be the servant to the public….if you asleep I’m awake thinking of your wealth for 2moro….and when you enjoying with your love ones I’m standing static, guards to your properties(boxes) in any weather conditions…no matter how u criticizes us, I Will still give the best to serve my citizens of the nation PNG until I leave….🖐🖑🚩🚩🏴…..Im 4 U PNG & die as PNG..🚔🚓🔫🔫👈

Jimmy’s testimony in the line of duty stands out and shared by a Facebook user, Ruth Jewels Kissam some months ago (December 6, 2016, Mount Hagen) before his tragic death.

“I was driving back to Hagen from Enga late yesterday, and came up to a Police roadblock a little past Tambul junction. There were a good number of Policemen there and one of them, a young, smartly dressed, white-smile man asked for my license. The other cop checked the registration of the vehicle only to find out that the safety sticker had expired. I didn’t know that when I picked up the car. The young cop charged me K50 for the defective safety sticker so off course I had to pay. I rummaged through my bag only to find K30. I looked at the young man and held up K30 and said to pay the K20 in Hagen but this, smart, handsome, cop looked at me and said, ” I can’t get your K30 because it’s not K50 that we charge, and can’t come to Hagen because our boundaries stop at Paiakona. If I do your TN than I’ll be 20 short, but if I get your 30 without a receipt, than I will steal from you. So No! If you don’t have the full amount, I won’t take anything less. Go and fix your safety sticker in Hagen. We’re sick and tired of the attitude of getting money from traffic infringement without reciepting it.” I had to ask for his name and he said Glen. So Glen from Tambul Police Station, PNG has hope because of you and others like you. Young Papua New Guineans who are sick of double standards and can’t wait to charter a better course for this country! I’ve never been so inspired, challenged and hopeful as I was yesterday. Thankyou Glen of Tambul Police Station. God bless you.”

As condolences are flying in from all over the country, to the State, Jimmy is a service man, but to his dearest family, he is someone they love, treasure and long to see after postings. Jimmy now leaves behind his 2 years, 8 months old son, Simon, widowed dear wife Hadassah who is also four months pregnant and grieving parents, colleagues and Jiwaka province.

Featured Image: As brothers keep together in times of trouble, a very powerful image we have up as our featured image to this article displays a solid camaraderie & brotherhood, while we mourn the loss of not only a young police man and brother but above all a son, husband & a father; not just two of his colleagues but his true Jiwakan brothers openly carrying his body with so much pain & grieve.


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