JSAGA is an Initiative of the Students and Graduates of the Jiwaka Community to bring a holistic change to the lives of Jiwaka Elites.


The objectives and purposes of the association is to:-

  1. Conduct regular awareness within the entire province concerning the life-related issues including; Health, Education, Business (SME), Sports, Socio-Economic Development, Sustainable usage of Environment, Law & Order, Peace & Stability;
  2. Encouraging and Conducting Life Care Training in Righteous Godly Principles and Living;
  3. To run yearly conventions, conferences, crusades, camp meetings in order to identify/ recognize and maximize the potentials, skills, & talents of everyone;
  4. Providing avenue for intellectuals/intelligence, elites, professionals, entrepreneurs & other think tanks to encourage, inspire, motivate, coach, mentor, & impart/equip skills, values, qualities & experiences to young students/youths to be unanimously sharp, concentrate, focused & be Optimistic in their careers.